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Green Plant

Welcome to my practice
for systemic therapy and supervision

"The human psyche, like bones,
is strongly inclined towards self-healing." 

John Bowlby

My therapeutic stance is based on the theory that we humans are already born as social beings. As babies and children, our caregiver / s are vital and shape the way we later behave in our own relationships. There is usually a lifelong desire for a loving and secure connection with this one special person.

In addition, as humans, we have a natural tendency to heal and grow as personalities, which is a wonderful resource for therapeutic and counselling work.

As a systemic and attachment-oriented therapist, I see my role as creating a safe space for you in which you can talk about your feelings, thoughts, problems and needs without judgment. I support you in developing new perspectives, using your existing resources and also learning new skills in order to develop fresh solutions that are suitable for your current life situation.


It is important to me to understand you holistically and in your different relationship contexts, and to accompany you appreciatively on your path of growth and self-healing.


“We are what we think. Everything we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we shape the world."

Buddha - Siddharta Gautama

Introduction to systemic work and supervision

In terms of therapy and counselling, I work with individuals, couples, families and parts of families. Depending on the issues and needs it is possible for varying family members to be present at any given session.

Systemic therapy and counselling focuses on relationships and communication patterns within a family, so that symptoms are not assigned to a single person, but are seen as part of an attempted solution within the network of relationships.


The work is not about ascribing guilt; it is more about a respectful and curious understanding of the lived experiences of all family members.

In addition, I offer individual, group and team supervision for various professional groups. These can be therapists and counsellors, as well as people from psychosocial, clinical and educational work contexts.


I work with people of all cultures, all religions / spiritual orientations and all sexual orientations.

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